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Unlock the full potential of your Amazon sales with Shirofune's Human Intelligence AI Platform

  • Performance enhancement through proprietary bidding algorithms.
  • Reduced manual work through automated bid optimization and budget control
  • Automated analysis and explanation of performance change factors
Used by the fastest growing brands in the us

Your all-in-one AI-based Ads Growth Cockpit

All ad platforms, tracking data and CRM data, effortlessly manage everything through an easy to use dashboard


Scale Ads Performance With Instant Human-based Ads Optimizations

  • A keyword-specific bidding algorithm
  • Bid adjustment based on performance metrics by day of the week and time of day.
  • Adjustments are fully automated, requiring only budget and target ACOS settings.
  • One-click factor analysis, reports with natural language explanations

Ad Performance Simultaneously

Performance First

With a focus on competitive campaigns and detailed reporting, we ensure that you consistently outperform others in your product category.

Save Valuable Hours

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of managing budget and bidding. Let our team of experts and our innovative Artificial Human Intelligence technology handle it for you.

Built-in Transparency

Know exactly where your next conversion & interaction is coming from with a comprehensive reporting & analysis dashboard. Get deep into each keyword conversion.

Maximize your Amazon PPC potential with Shirofune's expert AI-driven optimization solutions

If you are looking to maximize your potential on Amazon, Shirofune makes it simple to scale effectively:
  • Unlock maximum ROI with expert strategic advertising
  • Connect with ease to dynamic markets
  • Skyrocket performance with cutting-edge AI-driven ad optimization

Unlock a 100% ACOS Improvement Guarantee!

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  • For a decade, Shirofune has been refining its bidding algorithms since the era of keyword-specific bidding in Google Ads.
  • As a result, it has captured 91% market share in Japan.
  • In Amazon ads, manual keyword bidding outperforms automated bidding. Shirofune guarantees 100% better results.

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“"Our partnership with Shirofune enhanced our digital advertising strategy. Shirofune's innovative automated budget tools have not only delivered substantial monthly savings but have also significantly boosted our return on ad spend.”

What Manual Work can be Automated with Shirofune

Auto Budgeting/Bidding

AI Auto-Budgeting Optimization

Leaving the optimization of individual campaign to each ad platform such as Amazon, Google or Meta, Shirofune maximizes the overall performance across different ad platforms and different campaigns just like you would increase spend on more performing ad platforms than less performing ones.
Auto Budgeting/Bidding

Limited Data Learning

Optimization of Amazon ads only works when there is enough data like conversion and even in such cases, Shirofune’s anthropomorphic algorithm works and gets the most possible outcomes with no or limited data.
Auto Budgeting/Bidding

Campaign Budget Controls

Shirofune automatically controls ad spend by setting a budget per Ad type, Ad platform or Budget group in a month or in a any given time period of time so you would not spend too much or too less against the set budgets. You can also set the MaxCPA/MinROAS instead so Shirofune can automate bidding/budgeting within the set CPA/ROAS.
Auto Budgeting/Bidding

Multiple ad platforms

Shirofune integrates with multiple advertising platforms such as Google, Meta, TikTok, Microsoft, Pinterest, enabling automatic budget optimization across ad platforms. Additionally, performance data can be obtained through integrated reports without accessing each ad platform individually.
Analysis & Reporting

Deep Analysis Reporting

Creating a performance report takes up a lot of time and effort especially when a 3rd party analytics tool is. Shirofune automatically populates an integrated performance report with just a click a button. It also explains, in natural language text, what went wrong and what went well without having to reference all different data points.
Analysis & Reporting

1st / 3rd Party Data Optimization

By integrating 3rd-party measurement data from platforms like Google/Adobe Analytics and 1st-party LTV/conversion data from salesforce, shopify, or your own database, Shirofune visualizes the true advertising effectiveness for each channel and advertisement. This enables you to optimize advertising operations based on the genuine results of your advertisements.

Simple no-tricks pricing

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