A Platform Designed to Monitor Agency Performance and Your Account Health

Find Out If Your Budget is Optimized for Better Results

It is often hard to judget the work of an agency by simply looking at an account. Am I running the top performing ads? Is my budget optimized for better performance? Are irrelevant keywords being paused?
Our Agency Monitoring Tool will report on your account results and notify you of optimizations that could increase your performance but that have not been implemented by the agency.

ROAS and Budget

Is your agency adjusting daily budgets, target CPA/ROAS, and delivery by day and hour to maximize your ROAS on a daily basis? Seamlessly find out if you are leaving money on the table by monitoring our daily recommendations and opportunities and use them to have your agency implement such changes.

Smart Recommendations

The Shirofune platform conducts daily data analysis and autonomously suggests actions, emulating the expertise of professional ad managers. These actions involve eliminating non-converting keywords and minimizing unnecessary costs to enhance efficiency.
These actions are the same that your agency should be taking if your  account was optimized at the best of its possibilities. Recommendations only show up when they are not implemented in the account already and you could use them to understand whether there is an active optimization happening in the account.

Get Notified With Changes in Trends

Stay up-to-date with real-time notifications regarding changes in campaign performance and alerts for any ad stop errors, all accessible through the dashboard.

Constantly analyze and explain changes in results

We continuously analyze historical data, make comparisons, automatically identify underlying causes, and provide comprehensive explanations in plain, natural language to keep you informed.
Unlike AI approaches such as LLM, we faithfully replicate the actual ad manager's analysis process. This results in content that is highly convincing and reliable, grounded in real facts. Moreover, our outputs remain consistent in similar situations, ensuring high reproducibility. This consistency dramatically improves the efficiency of your analytical tasks.

Human Artificial Intelligence

Shirofune combines the efficiency of a state-of-the-art AI with a human-like approach to account optimization. We are the perfect extension to your in-house team so that your marketing team can always know what is happening in your account at any point in time.

Take Advantage of Your Lifetime ROAS

Lifetime ROAS is one of those things that an agency simply cannot do. The complexity and time needed to calculate the ROAS of each campaign at any point in time cannot simply be executed by a person.

Shirofune will constantly monitor your data to understand the long term performance of each of your advertising channels. Our proprietary data attribution system allows advertisers to invest on what generates the most revenue over time rather than on short term ROAS.

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Campaign B








Lifetime ROAS


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