Never Exceed Your Budget. Optimize Marketing Profitability and Allocate Your Budget Where It Yields the Best ROAS

Automatically Fine-Tune Daily Budgets Within Your Set Budget

Taking into account that platforms like Google sometimes double the set daily budget, adjustments are made accordingly. This means you can truly let go of budget management and invest your time in other critical tasks.
Our system makes daily budget adjustments within your predefined budget range, ensuring a landing rate between 96% and 99% of your set budget.

Automatically Optimize Budget Allocation for Maximum Cross-Platform Performance

We automatically allocate budgets to high-performing campaigns across multiple advertising platforms, maximizing your overall performance.
To ensure precise platform comparisons and strategic budget allocation, it's essential to assess each platform and campaign using unified metrics. This includes utilizing tools like Google Analytics, attribution tools, Salesforce CRM, and real e-commerce purchase data.
At Shirofune, our exclusive automated analysis algorithm integrates diverse performance data, going beyond ad platforms' attribution conversions. This allows us to visualize and optimize the genuine cost-effectiveness of advertising.

Choose from a Variety of Budget Allocation Options

You have complete flexibility in budget allocation, whether it's across all ad platforms, individual ad accounts, or specific campaigns. You can create groups for each ad account or campaign and allocate different budgets accordingly.
We understand your intentions for these campaigns, like how much you want to allocate based on your specific goals. By incorporating your intentions into budget settings, you can control the delivery exactly as you wish, even while automating the process.

Set Max CPA/Min ROAS to ensure high performance

Define your Maximum Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Minimum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) to ensure high performance.

When using Max CPA/Min ROAS bidding strategies, if the specified performance targets are not being met even with surplus budget, the emphasis will be on optimizing performance rather than budget utilization. This means that if you are consistently meeting your desired CPA/ROAS, you can spend your budget limitlessly. Conversely, if you are not achieving your desired CPA/ROAS, you won't unnecessarily exhaust your budget. You won't need to manually adjust your campaigns while monitoring performance; everything can be left to Shirofune to handle.

Set It Once and Forget About It

Take advantage of our scheduling and reservation settings to configure your preferences and leave the rest to us.
You can pre-set the budget for specific months or dates in the future, which is effective for occasions such as holiday seasons or when days span across weekends

Take Advantage of Your Lifetime ROAS

Shirofune will constantly monitor your data to understand the long term performance of each of your advertising channels. Our proprietary data attribution system allows advertisers to invest in what generates the most revenue over time rather than on short term ROAS.

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Lifetime ROAS


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