Gain Access to Comprehensive Cross-Channel Reporting with Just a Few Clicks. Unleash More Time for Critical Business Operations

Real Time Dashboard

View all your account metrics in one convenient place, including a quick overview of your budget utilization at a glance.
Shirofune makes it very easy to understand the performance of each conversion metric, such as Purchases, Add to Cart, Demo Reservations, or Free Trials. Additionally, by creating monitoring groups based on specific units like campaigns for awareness or campaigns for conversions, you can easily track and see the results and progress of each group.

Seamless Integration with All Advertising Channels

Easily access data from all major advertising platforms, including Google, Meta, Tiktok, Pinterest, and more, all within a single dashboard.
Furthermore, by utilizing custom solutions, it's possible to integrate data from platforms that Shirofune doesn't have API integration with or platforms that don't have existing APIs

Third-Party Data Integration

Effortlessly connect with third-party data sources such as GA4, Shopify, Salesforce, and attribution tools, allowing you to display and analyze data side by side.
Shirofune uses a unique automated analysis algorithm for Key Performance Indicators, enabling seamless integration of performance data with advertising delivery data, all done automatically.

Change Analysis Report

Compare performance between different timeframes, such as last month vs. this month or last week vs. this week, and gain valuable insights into the factors driving these differences, presented in clear and understandable language.

Unlike AI approaches such as LLM, our platform replicates the actual ad manager's analytical process, ensuring content that is based on facts. Moreover, there is no variability in output for similar situations, ensuring consistency while dramatically improving the efficiency of your analytical tasks.

Always Find New Opportunities

Real-time reporting is a great opportunity to always get a bird eyed view of your account and identify areas of improvement in just a few minutes!

Take Advantage of Your Lifetime ROAS

Shirofune will constantly monitor your data to understand the long term performance of each of your advertising channels. Our proprietary data attribution system allows advertisers to invest on what generates the most revenue over time rather than on short term ROAS.

Campaign A


Campaign B








Lifetime ROAS


Optimize Your Accounts In 5 Minutes

Shirofune delivers optimization opportunities in an easy to navigate format. This enables account strategists to implement optimizations and increase the ROAS in just 5 minutes per day!

Shirofune Case Study

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