An algorithm designed to replicate the actions of a professional ad manager

Systematize Know-How That Produces Results

Shirofune was designed to operate like a human account manager, covering a huge number of patterns that can reproduce the thinking of a professional digital marketer.
That's why even inexperienced people can easily manage accounts while developing a stronger skillset.


Automatically adjust daily budgets, target CPA/ROAS, and more to optimize results within your budget. We've meticulously replicated the strategies of professional ad managers for 20,000+ hours, ensuring precise budget management and maximizing outcomes. Say goodbye to the hassle of monitoring spend pacing and constantly tracking performance to allocate budgets.

Smart Recommendations

The Shirofune platform conducts daily data analysis and autonomously suggests actions, emulating the expertise of professional ad managers. These actions involve eliminating non-converting keywords and minimizing unnecessary costs to enhance efficiency.
What sets our proposals apart from typical advertising platforms is our focus not on increasing ad budgets, but on maximizing cost efficiency by suggesting exclusions and pauses for targeted deliveries. Therefore, the benefits derived from these proposals are specifically tailored for you. You can confidently approve our suggestions without any doubt, knowing that the proposed actions are designed to optimize your advertising expenditure.

Get Notified With Changes in Trends

Stay up-to-date with real-time notifications regarding changes in campaign performance and alerts for any ad stop errors, all accessible through the dashboard.

Constantly analyze and explain changes in results

We continuously analyze historical data, make comparisons, automatically identify underlying causes, and provide comprehensive explanations in plain, natural language to keep you informed.
Unlike AI approaches such as LLM, we faithfully replicate the actual ad manager's analysis process. This results in content that is highly convincing and reliable, grounded in real facts. Moreover, our outputs remain consistent in similar situations, ensuring high reproducibility. This consistency dramatically improves the efficiency of your analytical tasks.

Human Artificial Intelligence

Shirofune combines the efficiency of a state-of-the-art AI with a human-like approach to account optimization. We are the perfect extension to your in-house team so that your marketing team can focus on strategy rather than repetitive tasks.

Take Advantage of Your Lifetime ROAS

Shirofune will constantly monitor your data to understand the long term performance of each of your advertising channels. Our proprietary data attribution system allows advertisers to invest on what generates the most revenue over time rather than on short term ROAS.

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Lifetime ROAS


Shirofune Case Study

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