Recap of our performance

45% Reduction in bid/Budget management 

Led to a 45% reduction in day-to-day operational tasks associated with bid and budget management across multiple ad platforms like Google, Meta, Tiktok, Microsoft and others.

62% reduction in Client reporting

Reduced workload by 62% by seamlessly integrating and analyzing diverse data sources, including Google, Meta, Tiktok and others together with Google Analytics  and other 3rd party measurement tools

Performance Recap

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Overall Workload
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Client Reporting


Dentsu, in its efforts to meet the expanding digital advertising needs of growing clientele, faced challenges in maintaining speed and quality amid increased demands. Strengthening recruitment efforts didn't effectively match the required pace due to challenges in training. Managing diverse advertising platforms led to a significant rise in operational workload and overtime, necessitating a fundamental improvement in operational efficiency.


Implementing Shirofune as an infrastructure solution, aiming to reduce workload while ensuring quality standards were upheld.

The platform integration enabled Dentsu to instantly see major improvement opportunities across ad sets.


Faced with the challenge of balancing the increasing demands of digital advertising with the need to maintain high-quality standards, Dentsu integrated Shirofune to streamline their processes. This strategic move led to a remarkable 54% reduction in workload, particularly in report creation, budget management, and performance analysis tasks. By automating and optimizing these key areas, we not only significantly cut down on the operational hours and reduced stress among employees but also enhanced the speed and accuracy of their advertising operations. This integration underscores Shirofune's commitment to empowering agencies like Dentsu Digital with advanced tools for sustainable growth and efficiency in the digital marketing landscape.

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