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Lifetime ROAS vs. ROAS

Lifetime ROAS, or Return on Ad Spend over the lifetime of a customer, is a powerful metric that goes beyond traditional ROAS by considering the long-term value of customers. It helps you understand the true impact of your advertising efforts and is crucial for making strategic decisions
In many cases, the evaluation of ROAS and Lifetime ROAS varies depending on the platform. To truly maximize the return on ad investment, it is essential to allocate budgets for platforms and campaigns based on Lifetime ROAS.
Furthermore, comparing ROAS and Lifetime ROAS for each ad copy and creative allows budget allocation towards ads that deliver the product's value tailored to user needs, generating high LTV, rather than simply promoting impulse purchases that don't lead to long-term customer engagement.

Seamless Integration with E-commerce Platforms

Our system seamlessly connects with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, enabling the acquisition of valuable LTV (Lifetime Value) data for each campaign.

This is made possible by Shirofune's unique automatic analysis algorithm for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It enables automatic linking of purchase data with advertising delivery data. Additionally, it allows tracking of metrics such as New User ROAS and Existing User ROAS. If parameters are finely tuned, it is possible to measure Lifetime ROAS at the creative level.

LTV-Based Optimization

LTV data accumulates over time and does not build up instantly, making it challenging to utilize for real-time optimization on a daily basis. Therefore, Shirofune employs a metric called Predicted LTV to facilitate day-to-day operational optimization.
Predicted LTV forecasts the likely LTV of this platform or campaign based on past delivery data at the time of the first conversion. By utilizing this metric, it becomes possible to optimize daily operations while utilizing LTV.

Lifetime ROAS Reporting

From predictive Lifetime ROAS estimates to actual results data, our reporting capabilities cover the entire spectrum, providing you with valuable insights into the long-term performance and profitability of your campaigns."

Take Advantage of Your Lifetime ROAS

Shirofune will constantly monitor your data to understand the long term performance of each of your advertising channels. Our proprietary data attribution system allows advertisers to invest on what generates the most revenue over time rather than on short term ROAS.

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Lifetime ROAS


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Shirofune delivers optimization opportunities in an easy to navigate format. This enables account strategists to implement optimizations and increase the ROAS in just 5 minutes per day!

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