Recap of our performance

900% increase in Return on Ad Spend

ROAS previously stagnated at a 1500% ceiling. The 900% increase signifies not just a numerical improvement, but a breakthrough in overcoming previous performance limits.

30% increase in Click Through rate

Enhanced Audience Engagement: A 0.30% increase in CTR, while seemingly small, is significant in digital marketing terms.

Performance Recap

+ %
ROAS Increase
Click-through Rate


Memomad's primary challenge was managing a high volume of advertising campaigns across multiple markets and platforms. This complexity made it difficult to identify the right mix of bidding, budget, and strategy, hindering their ability to maximize ROAS. The company's ROAS stagnated at 1500%, compelling them to reduce their advertising budget from $15,000 to approximately $10,000.


Automated Daily Budget and ROAS Optimization: Shirofune's technology enabled effective cross-platform budget allocation and dynamic ROAS targeting for Memomad, enhancing efficiency and reducing human error.

Data Integration with Google Analytics 4: This integration provided Memomad with detailed user behavior and conversion data, enabling customized reporting and more informed advertising decisions.

Automated Daily Optimization Recommendations: Shirofune's system offered proactive campaign management, quick identification of inefficiencies, and a continuous improvement cycle for Memomad's advertising strategies.


Improved Ad Relevance and Quality: This increase is typically associated with more relevant ad targeting, higher quality ad content, and better alignment with the audience's interests and needs.

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