Recap of our performance

18% increase in total site clicks

Drove 18% more clicks to site in under 3 months by dynamically adjusting the target ROAS during the crucial period of time, optimizing campaign delivery.

10% increase in Return on Ad Spend

18% increase in clicks, combined with auto budgeting/bidding, resulted in a 10% overall performance increase and significant monthly savings.

Performance Recap

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Total Clicks
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The company faced challenges due to a high number of campaigns managed with uniform target ROAS settings. This approach didn't dynamically adjust optimal target ROAS according to budgets, leading to budget inefficiencies during potentially high-converting hours between 10 PM to midnight. This ineffective deployment hindered the effectiveness of web advertisements.
shirofune approach


Employing Shirofune's automated campaign daily budget and target ROAS optimization features alongside data integration with Google Analytics 4, the company executed precise cross-platform budget optimization.


The ability to allocate appropriate budgets to each campaign and dynamically adjust target ROAS as per budgets led to a 10%+ increase in ROAS, including an 18% increase in clicks, while reducing ad spend. This facilitated a more accurate assessment of Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising performance.

Jeff Lin, Senior Director of Business Intelligence, Newegg Commerce

"Our partnership with Shirofune has fortified our digital advertising strategy. Shirofune's innovative automated bidding tool not only resulted in substantial monthly savings but also significantly improved profit margins on advertising expenditure. In the fiercely competitive digital market, Shirofune has proven to be an invaluable partner in our pursuit of profitability and success."

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