The #1 eCommerce & Omnichannel
Ad Management Tool

The #1 eCommerce & Omnichannel Ad Management Tool

Enhance Ad Performance and Internal Productivity Simultaneously

Shirofune wins Best PPC Optimization Platform in 2023 MarTech Breakthrough Award

Unlock maximum ads potential with Human Intelligence AI

Achieve greater ad performance and results with algorithms that operate your campaigns just like an experienced ad manager.

Maximize LTV value based on historical customer data

Shirofune optimizes ads for the highest LTV based on your entire historical customer buying journey & data to maximize conversions

Productivity with full budget control

With Shirofune, you won’t have to worry about monitoring your ad spend pacing anymore.

What makes us different?

Best Ad Management Tool in Japan

  • 91% Market Share In Japan
  • Used by 80% of  top agencies like Dentsu
  • Used by many successful brands like Rakuten

Ad Performance Simultaneously


Shirofune's human-based AI automatically performs budget allocation and bid adjustments to maximize results. Furthermore, by implementing the proposed improvement suggestions, further performance enhancement can be expected.

2x Productivity

By simply setting budgets and maximum CPA/ROAS, the automation takes control of the progress. Moreover, detailed reports and analysis in natural language significantly reduce the time and effort spent on reporting and analysis.

True Ads Result

By integrating data from your own CRM and database, we can visualize how much LTV (customer lifetime value) and conversions are actually generated from each channel and advertisement.This enables you to optimize advertising operations based on the true results of your advertisements.

What Manual Work can be Automated with Shirofune



Leaving the optimization of individual campaign to each ad platform like Google or Meta, Shirofune maximizes the overall performance across different ad platforms and different campaigns just like you would increase spend on more performing ad platforms than less performing ones.

With Limited Data

The platformers’ optimization only works when there is enough data like conversion and even in such cases, Shirofune’s anthropomorphic algorithm works and gets the most possible outcomes with no or limited data.

Budget Control

Shirofune automatically controls ad spend by setting a budget per Ad type, Ad platform or Budget group in a month or in a any given time period of time so you would not spend too much or too less against the set budgets. You can also set the MaxCPA/MinROAS instead so Shirofune can automate bidding/budgeting within the set CPA/ROAS.

Smart Suggestion

Smart Decision

In general, the improvement suggestions made by ad platforms would not include the ones that would reduce the overall spend such as excluding underperforming keywords or ad texts. Shirofune makes the suggestions only beneficial to advertisers so they could maximize the return.

Analysis & Report

Deep But Easy Analysis & Report

Creating a performance report takes up a lot of time and effort especially when a 3rd party analytics tool is. Shirofune automatically populates an integrated performance report with just a click a button. It also explains, in natural language text, what went wrong and what went well without having to reference all different data points.

1st / 3rd Party Data

By integrating 3rd-party measurement data from platforms like Google/Adobe Analytics and 1st-party LTV/conversion data from salesforce, shopify, or your own database, Shirofune visualizes the true advertising effectiveness for each channel and advertisement. This enables you to optimize advertising operations based on the genuine results of your advertisements.

Your all-in-one Marketing Cockpit

All ad platforms, tracking data and CRM data, effortlessly manage everything thought an easy to use dashboard

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